The Aragon is Alright

Photo taken on a blustery eve in Chicago: Jean Kent

Tuesday afternoon snow took out a portion of the historic Aragon Ballroom’s back wall and ceiling. Not to worry, the beautiful starry sky was unscathed. The building is expected to remain structurally sound. After all, it takes more then a snowstorm to take down a building laced with years of music and energy.

Moments at the Brawlroom were nothing less then extraordinary. Our two last shows prior to pandemic was John Carpenter and Ghost – for which we had Balcony – freaking amaz. Aside from expensive drinkies – we’ll tackle that topic another time. We are excited again for the day we can freeze our tail off and enjoy some musical vibes at one of our fav venues.
As of current, we offer a tribute to one of the most amaz venues to catch an act.

Many shows seen prior. That floor is always hopping. It’s likely the view of Ghost from the balcony is just as amaz as Rob Zombie’s. Watch the dance and take it all in ~

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