Tickle your ears: Our first Erie Audio Chronical

Welcome, Creepies, to the darkest corner of the audio realm, where chilling tales and haunting melodies converge. Prepare to journey into the depths of fear and fascination as we embark on a spine-tingling adventure through the realms of horror and music.

In our first Erie Audio Chronicle, we pick the brains of Kenneth W. Cain and Tim Meyer two of the brilliant minds behind Never Wake. Your new nightmare anthology from Crystal Lake Publishing.

Bored out of your Gourd? Grab your shovel. It is time to dig Foot Light District’s Electric Cherry Horse. Don your dancing shoes for a midnight graveyard rendezvous.

Partake in our discussion of this year’s Cultivate + Miracle. Celebrating the right to toke, toke it up man.


Give your ears a listen here:

scary zombie listening to music through headphones
   Even the undead cannot resist