Chicago’s Hauntingly Delicious and Artful Halloween: Support Local Businesses for Decor, Food, and More!

Supporting Local Creativity creates a frightfully unique Halloween experience!


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Spooky Friends! – we have officially arrived to our favorite time of year! Labor Day was celebrated by most. The flow of Halloween goodies are abundant in this harvesting. The devilish summer has come to an end.

Tis, traditionally the season of ghouls, ghosties and goblins. Every spooktacular creature requires proper celebration in style. May we suggest acknowledging this unique opportunity to further support local creators and artists. The stores of Big Box retailers offer convenience, and let’s face it often times fun treats. There is something much more magical purchasing a homemade item that is truly unique.
As the years have past by, conventions and vendor rich shows have kept the year round celebraties happy and satiate with amaz goodies. Awaiting for the discovery of these goodies are countless others who have properly enjoyed their summer.

When purchasing treats from local artisans, you are investing in their creative vision, passion and craftsmanship. Infused with a sense of uniqueness and individuality, giving your piece the chance to stand out and further express your personality. Collect what makes you happy. Collect responsibly.
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Escaping the big box is an environmentally conscious choice. Mass produced items involve methods that take a toll on our environment. Local Halloween Decor Specialists often prioritize sustainable practices, using fewer resources and generating less waste. This style of eco-friendliness aligns nicely with the spirit of the season – celebrating the natural world and it’s beauty during Scorp season. Many local artisans infuse their work with cultural and artistic traditions pass down through generations. Your purchase provides an connection to the inspiration and stories that were combined to make a unique, special treat.
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Join with us weekly on social to celebrate local artists –  who, you may just wish to give a peak at their wares.

Our Journey begins with Zagone Studios, located in Melrose Park.
Born in 1974, Zagone Studios has brought forth many noctural creatures to scare the local neighborhoods. Vintage Haunt fans may imply that ’74 was a stellar year. Ben Cooper, Nixon masks, Texas Chainsaw Masacre. The fun variety of Halloween experiences were plentiful.
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annoying as it may be to click, we would not be doing Zagone any honors if we kept them a secret on our intro to shopping local page.