50 cent partners with Eli Roth


50 Cent partners with Eli Roth

James Frey, 50 Cent, Eli Roth

James Frey; 50 Cent; Eli Roth


Horror and Rap fans rejoice! A collab between 50 Cent’s G-Unit Film & Television, Eli Roth‘s Art District and James Frey’s 3BlackDot will bring us 3 unique boundary pushing flicks in the near future.
50 Cent’s G-Unit Film & Roth promotes as “movies others are too afraid to make”.

A known adventurer in the arts of gore, Eli says this about 50 and Frey.
“Both 50 and James have never shied away from controversial, boundary pushing material and have made massive global cultural impacts from their raw creative energy. We want to bring that same fun and danger to this new fantastic slate of elevated scary films.” Roth said in a statement posted on Hypebeast.


Additional Details about the collab have not been released. Eli and Frey partnered earlier this year on Clownpocolypse – a 360 degree horror project that includes a flick, game and live event.
We have been giddishly following new collabs between artists especially this year. Covid has put the pressure on many artists, in both negative and positive aspects. It will be interesting to see the spun tales of successful projects and continuations when this challenging year is finished.


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