Salt Shed and the Revival of Goose Island

rendering of Goose Island's Salt Shed


Be prepared. Today’s Feature is Salty in Flavor.


Visitors to the Salt Shed can experience amaz views of Chicago. Photo: The Salt Shed

Initially, upon hearing of the opening of the Salt Shed, my inner critic was curious regarding the benefit of community for this musical project. Could it help maintain and provide self sufficiency for the residents and travelers to the area?

*Thoughts are no different for any venue starting a new adventure. The venue is large and has an opportunity to create an environment of positive community growth. And would they venture?
In a often unbalanced world this is always refreshing to see.

Not quite the expert regarding Goose Island history, I dove not only into the article that caught my eye, also took a larger leap into the artificial island’s manufacturing history.
Created in 1850, the island was a host for many unpleasant smells that accompanied many of the products being produced by companies that lined the waterfront. Tanners, soap, lumber and People’s Gas called the island home. By the 1860’s the island was given the nickname of Little Hell for the unearthly and eerie glow of the coal plant against the midnight sky.
Like always there are diamonds in the rough, and by 1890, small communities of employees resided in Little Hell. And by the late 20th century, industry and smog heavily declined.

Little Hell during daylight hours 1870 Creds: Chicagology

With a game plan to restructure Goose Island, R2 has presented several projects to the city that will create jobs and preserve historical structures. Also provide music fans an opportunity to enjoy a rare experience of a long neglected area with a fantastic view of the city.
Since it’s open, the Shed has enjoyed many sold out shows. It is a one of kind venue that can host crowds of about 4,000. In comparison, the Aragon hosts the same. Attending a sold out show at the latter has it’s amaz benefits and challenges.
Like Reggies, the Shed has it’s own book and record store to support and showcase artists.

With this in mind, as a vendor have you experienced a show here? We would love to hear your thoughts. This assists the creative collective to understand what is involved with vending going in better prepped for the show. Please share on social at #HauntedEmporiumMag


Rendering becomes reality. Original goose island rendering by Lamar Johnson Collaborative

R2 is part of the 16 on Center Chicago – a restaurant, bar and venue collective who’s focus is to create neighborhood joints that cater to the areas in which they are based. Examples of their collaborations include Empty Bottle, Beauty Bar and Thalia Hall. The vision of developing Goose Island has been with the collective since 2015 who are now able to back by the experience of creation of unique Chicago venues.

Parking in the area is expensive. When checking out a show, be prepared to spend an additional $40 for this option.
There are chats with the city regarding expansion and creation of additional public transport. As of current, there is no L train that runs on the island. Some locals avoid the area completely due to bottleneck traffic. It is said that the City is working on expanding the roads that lead through this cutaway which will in turn help alleviate.
The Salt Shed is still currently a work in progress with expansion outside of the venue to include a brewery.

Visitor to the area?
Contrarily to belief, Goose Island brewery was not originally located on the island itself. Originally opening in Lincoln Park as a brewpub, then later stationing it’s home in Wriglyville, the brewery borrowed it’s name. Confirmed however is the brewery’s new residence on the Island.

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