Masking the Macabre: Zagone Studios Unveils Spine-Tingling Halloween Creations from Melrose Park

Welcome – to our weekly feature celebrating local artists and creators, who you may just wish to sneak a peak at their wares.

Our Journey begins with Zagone Studios, located in Melrose Park.
Born in 1974, Zagone Studios has brought forth many noctural creatures to scare the local neighborhoods. Vintage Haunt fans may imply that ’74 was a stellar year. Ben Cooper, Nixon masks, Texas Chainsaw Masacre. The fun variety of Halloween experiences were plentiful.

two halloween skull masks

Intriguing to me is the relevancy of Zagone over these many years. Design is more then a cool feature, for a long Halloween evening it is a necessity. That the masks fits and is comfortable. Bonus points for an operational option with moving features.


alien halloween mask

Zagone’s selection of masks are priced for the novice as well as the professional haunter on a budget. Easy to blend with additional makeup for a flawless transition from mere human to shear terror creature.

Ordering online is the only available option for this local manufacturer. Zagone has added wall decor and art from local talents that they have collabwith. Their collector’s editions are worth a gander.



devil and rat halloween masks

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