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Brave Souls – we invite you to enjoy our eerie realm of Phantasmagoria! Delve into the realms of music, horror, literature, film, art and local haunts.
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Haunted Emporium Magazine is an Independent creation – crafted by fans for our fellow brothers and sisters.

We are a gateway to a world often not seen.
Join us in embracing the enduring Specravibe which continues to beckon. And creating space which fosters collaboration, encourages artistic growth and keeps our inner creatures satiated.

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Join us as we explore the eerie depths of the Windy City’s music and horror culture.

Pick Your Poison

Tales from the Chi

cartoon view of fans holding their phones at lollapalooza

Embrace the Beat. Guide to using Recreational Drugs at Festivals Safely.

Trick or Treat! As you further partake in Summerween. Know what is in your goodie bag! Remember Kiddies – Keep your candy clean.

haunted navigation book awaits you in chicago

Exploring alone? Navigation guide for an amaz Chicago summer adventure

One fact we can all count on is that there will be dcks somewhere. Like the summer smog, they can be difficult to ignore. The rules of being a dck generally change each year. Who is this rule keeper? Forever trends that continue to stay popular with younger attendees include the most obvious elbow, drunken two step, the vomiting of words, and touchy feely hands. Often you will run into creative folk with no regard for public germs when stacking a pbr tower in a porta john (true story).
Let us be real however, these are just the pleasantries of festival season. The reality remains that the risks for women and LGBTQIA+ individuals continue to increase even as some communities promote awareness and work in new measures for safety.

A treat for your ears:
Listen to our first Erie Audio Chronicle……. should you dare

Welcome, Creepies, to the darkest corner of the audio realm, where chilling tales and haunting melodies converge. Prepare to journey into the depths of fear and fascination as we embark on a spine-tingling adventure through the realms of horror and music.

Let Punk + fiends take you on an adventure. Prepare for madness

Prepare yourselves, for soon…soon! My Ghoulish Fiends

Nightmare Alchemy: Evil Toad Studios Conjures Steampunk Wonders with a Dark Twist

In the dimly lit depths of imagination, where history converges with fantasy, and innovation dances with Victorian-era elegance, local artisans Evil Toad Studios have embarked on an artistic journey like no other.

Welcome to a world where gears grind, brass gleams, and steam hisses ominously through the air – a world where the past meets a hauntingly beautiful future.

Originating from the gloomy depths of 1999, Evil Toad’s journey began as sinister artisans specializing in crafting macabre delights, perfect for the spine-chilling allure of Halloween and the darkest corners of the horror genre. Read more about our diabolical feinds

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Using Horror as Self Care

Inspired Necessity for this dreaded experience.

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